Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sewing for Kindergarten: Sewing Separates for School and Adventure

When Mie from Sewing Like Mad asked me to be a part of this blog series, I said YES right away.  I love Mie's style and she is just crazy talented. And the fact of Miette starting Kindergarten seemed so far away but it is here and we are having fun so far! So instead of back to school shopping, I did back to school sewing. 

Mie asked us a few fun questions and here are my answers!

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? Yes! Miette is our first child to be in Kindergarten.

What kind of school does your child attend? Homeschool! We have an amazing homeschool community and even though its not what I initially had planned, its something that we feel is best for our family right now. And Henri is excited that he still has his sister at home and to spend time with.

Do you feel like crying or celebrating? Both! I mean, I am respobsible for teaching my child EVERYTHING. But even though that can be intimidating, it is also exciting.

And what about your child? Miette is THRILLED to be starting school. She has been asking when she can start school and she loves learning so its a good combo. This year she wants to learn how trees grow, to sew a dress!!!, draw and paint, learn to cook and learn to read. That's a pretty good list and we will see what we can accomplish.

Question for Miette: What has been the best and worst part so far? Best: Drawing, painting, learning to read Worst: She had a hard time answering this one so will say there isn't a worst part, yet. 

On to the clothes. We are planning to follow the Charlotte Mason style of homeschool and part of it includes nature study, which we love. Each week we get together with our nature group and either go on a hike, go to a museum or something else outdoors. It is the highlight of our week and I wanted to make sure that we had some things that Miette could wear no matter what adventure we went on.

I asked her what she would like and she wanted a fabric with trees and that it be a skirt that she could climb in and that had pockets. I decided to sew a few separates that we could mix and match.

For the skirt, I used the skirt portion of the Ileana dress pattern by Compagnie M. Miette and I loved the Ileana dress so much that I knew she needed a circle skirt. I made sure to add the pockets and I also inlcuded built in shorts and a gold elastic waistband. She LOVES this skirt and I love that I don't have to remind her to put shorts on and she can wear this on a hike or to a museum or just around the house.

I also used the Ileana bodice for the top but decided to just have a button-loop closure on the back. I completely forgot to add length when cutting the pattern so I added a knit gathered skirt to the bottom. The front bodice fabric is a black and white vintage gingham and the back is Cloud 9 Organic first light forest citron.
Now, Miette doesn't really like to wear shorts or pants but I wanted her to have at least one pair of shorts. The Clover Shorts by Willow and Co (designed by Mouse House Creations) is such a cute pattern and I love how they look with this top!
And of course we needed a simple top. This black and white striped knit was perfect for my favorite knit top pattern, the Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado. I made it a little bigger because Miette is just growing so fast and I want it to last for awhile. This girl just loves listening to audio books, looking at books, "reading" books, drawing and painting.

I am excited to see what this year brings and I hope that her love of learning will always be there and that I can be a great teacher for her!


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