Friday, July 18, 2014

All About Boys // Sewing through my pattern stash

Today is the final day of our summer/free pattern edition of All About Boys! Heidi is doing a round up of basic tees she has sewn for E. And Brooke is talking about her fall sewing plans for O! It's been so fun sewing along with these ladies and I hope we have inspired you to sew for your boys.

Do you have a large stash of patterns? And quite a few that you haven't even sewn? There are so many amazing designers out there and they are putting out some awesome patterns lately. I decided to look through and see what patterns I have and make a plan of what I will sew later this year for Henri. Here are the patterns that I have and that I want to sew. But I will need to narrow it down because this list has gotten quite long!

Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads
I've sewn these before and I absolutely love the fit and how professional they look, both inside and out! They are time consuming but I feel they are definitely worth it.

 Johnny B Good Hoodie by Shwin Designs
I tested this pattern and I think H wore it only a few times. It was a little big but then by the time I remembered it again it was too small! So another one is definitely in order.

 Number 9 Trousers by Shwin Designs
I bought the pattern, printed it, taped it together and then forgot about it! I like having a nicer pair of pants for him to wear to church and other fancy occasions.

The Greenpoint Cardigan by Hey June
I love this cardigan. I've made one for M and one for H. Its a great layering piece and its not to heavy since our winters around here don't get too cold!

(image from Willow and Co. Patterns)
 Hawthorne Zip-Up Sweatshirt by Willow and Co. Patterns
This pattern was designed by Laura of Craftstorming and Titchy Threads. I adore her skinny jeans pattern and I know that the techniques and finishing of this sweatshirt will be amazing. I'm excited to sew this up!

And of course, he will need plenty of t-shirts. My go to is the Charlie Tee by Fishsticks Designs but I also have the Anytime At All Tee by Shwin Designs that I need to try out!

Whew. What a list. Stay tuned for our next All About Boys series which will be this Fall. Can't wait to share what we will be creating for the boys in our lives!


Heidi Polcyn said...

Such a great list! I have all of those patterns except for the skinny jeans and the Johnnie Be Good hoodie too. The skinny jeans are on my MUST TRY list though! And I can't wait to sew a Hawthorne this fall, it will be amazing I have no doubt :)

Inder-ific said...

Yes, you definitely have your work cut out for here, but it's a great list! Joe has been so picky about clothes lately, it's been pretty dispiriting. I would like to sew more challenging things for him, like the Small Fry Skinnies, but all he wears is t-shirts and knit shorts. I am working on some Sketchbook shorts and a shirt for a wedding we have coming up, though. I got his help choosing fabrics, so I am hoping that helps!

Unknown said...

Great list! I'm trying to sew through my pattern stash too. My little guy is really particular so my boy appropriate list isn't as long. He seems to be getting more agreeable, doing some boy sewing this weekend :)

Erin A said...

That is quite a list! I have still not done the skinny jeans, I really need to get on those, I keep hearing such great things... Can't wait to see how it all turns out!


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