Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunny Day Shorts // Sewing for Henri

Isn't it funny how your kids end up being so different from each other? When M was little, she was outgrowing clothes like crazy! But H has been able to wear a lot of the same things for months and months. He finally outgrew some shorts that I made him when he was 9 months old (crazy) and I was excited to try the Sunny Day Shorts free pattern from Oliver and S.
I went ahead and cut out two pairs right away. In a size 2T so that there would be plenty of time for him to wear these. I do tend to make things a little bigger so they don't outgrow them right away. The first pair was a plaid shirting fabric, which I love! And I wanted a pair that was a little more dressy. I found this wonderful, lightweight suiting fabric in my stash. I love these. So much that I am planning to sew another pair just like these so when these are in the wash, I don't have to wait for them to be clean!
The fit is great. The instructions are very easy to follow and they went together without any problems. I did use a smaller hem, I like his shorts to be on the longer side. But they are perfect, simple, no-fuss shorts to sew. And they come together very quick! He can definitely run and play in these so that is a win!

Since the pattern is unisex, I'm going to make a pair for M. She's not really a fan of shorts right now. She prefers dresses and skirts. But she loves to ride her scooter, play in the dirt, run, jump and do all sorts of very active things. So I have her wear shorts under her beloved skirts.
I love that all our flowers are in bloom right now. Especially our tree. And the kids love picking the flowers and bringing them to me. I was too tired to clean up the yard before taking photos. So here it is, how it looks every day. With toys strewn about everywhere. And I'm okay with that!

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Unknown said...

I love your fabric choice for these! I downloaded the pattern and plan on making pairs for all three of my kiddos - I just need to find the perfect fabric.

I found your blog by way of the Oliver & S flickr group.


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