Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunny Day Shorts // Sewing for Henri

Isn't it funny how your kids end up being so different from each other? When M was little, she was outgrowing clothes like crazy! But H has been able to wear a lot of the same things for months and months. He finally outgrew some shorts that I made him when he was 9 months old (crazy) and I was excited to try the Sunny Day Shorts free pattern from Oliver and S.
I went ahead and cut out two pairs right away. In a size 2T so that there would be plenty of time for him to wear these. I do tend to make things a little bigger so they don't outgrow them right away. The first pair was a plaid shirting fabric, which I love! And I wanted a pair that was a little more dressy. I found this wonderful, lightweight suiting fabric in my stash. I love these. So much that I am planning to sew another pair just like these so when these are in the wash, I don't have to wait for them to be clean!
The fit is great. The instructions are very easy to follow and they went together without any problems. I did use a smaller hem, I like his shorts to be on the longer side. But they are perfect, simple, no-fuss shorts to sew. And they come together very quick! He can definitely run and play in these so that is a win!

Since the pattern is unisex, I'm going to make a pair for M. She's not really a fan of shorts right now. She prefers dresses and skirts. But she loves to ride her scooter, play in the dirt, run, jump and do all sorts of very active things. So I have her wear shorts under her beloved skirts.
I love that all our flowers are in bloom right now. Especially our tree. And the kids love picking the flowers and bringing them to me. I was too tired to clean up the yard before taking photos. So here it is, how it looks every day. With toys strewn about everywhere. And I'm okay with that!


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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Polka Dot Angie Dress

I just returned from the most relaxing vacation I have had in a very, very long time. My husband and I decided to go to Palm Springs to celebrate our 15 year anniversary (coming up on May 22nd!). We intended to plan a week long vacation but things just didn't work out so we decided on a few days in the desert instead. And it was perfect (though I do wish it was longer).
On our agenda for the weekend was to eat, sleep, swim, read. It was so relaxing and wonderful. And the place we stayed at was amazing. The weather was really nice as well, around 102 but it didn't feel too hot. Before we left for the weekend, I was sewing up a storm for myself. I decided that Palm Springs would be the perfect place to wear my new dress and take some photos as well! These are definitely different than what I normally take, mainly because there is actually someone behind the camera this time!
I sewed up the Angie Dress by Sis Boom Patterns and while I do love the finished product it took a lot of adjustments for me to get here! None of the mistakes were the fault of the pattern itself. Just me rushing and thinking I didn't need to make a muslin. I'm still getting my body back after being pregnant/nursing so I don't always trust my measurements. I feel like I should go with a larger size than what I measure--don't ask me why! So I cut out a size Medium for this dress. Tried on the bodice and thought it would fit. Nope. Way too big. I had to do lots of creative alterations to get it to fit better. Oh, and I thought it would be a great idea to add more width to the skirt for gathering. Turns out that looks adorable on a 4 year old who doesn't have hips but makes me look extra hippy! Lesson learned. Stick to the measurements I take of myself and to the measurements on the pattern, at least for the first time around.

I love the scoop neck, the pockets (of course!) and that it can slip on/off without any buttons or zipper. It was simple to sew though it did take longer than I thought it would, because of the bias tape on the neckline and arms. 

I cut out the lowest neckline and after adding the bias tape it ended up a little too low for me. Fine for going out but not so good for running around, picking up the kiddos, etc. I also had trouble getting one side to lie flat. Perhaps because it was initially too big?

I'm definitely going to sew another one but this time using the correct size!
My husband decided to take some action shots instead of me just standing there smiling and I have to say that I love how they turned out! The fabric is a cotton lawn and I want to make everything out of this amazing fabric from now on. Its lightweight, doesn't wrinkle, drapes wonderfully and is so wonderful to wear! It is a little shear but I can wear a slip under it so no problem.

When driving home we had to stop at Cabazon and take a few pictures with the famous Dinosaurs (recognize them from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure?)! It was so windy but was fun to see these guys up close.
 Fun weekend, fun dress. Did you do anything fun this weekend? Or did you get any sewing done?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Stripes and Floral // Reversible Blazer


I've been sewing almost daily for myself and having so much fun. Trying out new patterns, sewing with new types of fabric, making mistakes, but just enjoying creating. 
I had the opportunity to test this soon-to-be released Reversible Blazer from Amelie Clothing (formerly Kikoi Patterns) and even though the weather is in the 100's, I couldn't say no. I mean how adorable is this?
I've had this striped fabric for a few years and I never knew what to use it for. And I picked up this red vintage floral at an estate sale. Turns out the stripes are just perfect paired with a floral for this blazer! I sewed a size 5 and I love the length of the arms. Plenty of length to cuff the sleeves and to grow. Oh, and those cute shorts? Those are the Clover Shorts pattern from Willow and Co. And they are amazing!
It came together pretty quick. And I was happy to sew something that didn't require button or a zipper. I've been doing a lot of those lately and this was so much easier. The fit is perfect, a size 5. She loves the floral and I love the stripes so we both win!

My husband and I are heading out to sunny Palm Springs this weekend to celebrate our 15 year anniversary! We are so excited to relax and enjoy time away. And maybe I can convince him to hit up a few thrift stores while we are there!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Vintage Inspired Maxi Dress and Sew-a-bration of Womanhood

Hello! I'm so very excited to share this dress today! And also to be a part of the Sew-a-bration of Womanhood hosted by Shaffer-Sisters and Call Ajaire. I decided earlier this year that I would try to sew more for myself. Why should my kids be the only ones to have custom, unique clothes? Its a little harder (my back was so sore after hunching over my dining room table to pin and cut this very long dress, without the use of my rotary cutter!) and definitely takes more time (and fabric) but it is just so much fun being able to wear something that I have made.
I'm a fan of vintage. Vintage furniture, dishes, toys, and of course fabric and patterns. I scour estate sales looking for these things and I've been lucky quite a few times. I've had this 1970's pattern for a few years and I finally decided that I would buy fabric and start sewing!
Vintage patterns are normally one size, per envelope, and go by the bust measurement. This particular one was about two sizes too large for me. I knew that I would be making a few muslin's and I sure did! I had to take it in without losing the original flowy nature of the dress. I also was trying to adjust the bust darts. So many versions! I'm not completely satisfied with my final version and I'm trying to figure out how I can improve upon them for the next one.
Pattern: Vintage Vogue 8559 from the 1970's
Size: Original pattern was size 16 but it probably ended up between a 12 and 14
Fabric: Rayon challis in taupe with yellow polka dot--this fabric is amazing! It is so soft and flows so nice. However, it does wrinkle and I wish I would have gone with a darker color. Not the best choice with kids but its so pretty!
Alterations: I omitted the back zipper. The lower scoop neck made it easy to just pull on so I saved a step by taking that out and I'm happy I did.
Problems: The facing. This isn't lined so the pattern had me do a facing for both the neck and arms. It also had me use interfacing, which I ended up taking off (as much as I could). I felt that it was too stiff for this particular fabric and unnecessary. I under stitched the facing and ironed it as much as I could and it still flips out. I didn't want a seam line so I'm trying to figure out the best way to fix this little problem. Any advice?
I started laughing at this picture. My serious face and then M with a photo bomb! I had quite a few of these with both kids running through the shots. They wanted in on the photo shoot as well!
My husband came home just as I was finishing taking these pictures and took a few pictures of Miette and I. She had just opened her birthday dress and I'm so happy to have these special pictures.

Be sure to check back with Shaffer-Sisters and Call Ajaire for some amazing women and their stunning creations!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Butterfly Birthday {Caroline Party} Dress

Hello! Well, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my blog. I went back and added some photos to recent posts and it looks like I'll be staying here a bit longer. Don't want to rush a new blog like I did with this one! But enough about that. On to the birthday dress!
Miette turned four on Friday. She is growing up so fast and is just an amazing little girl. She loves dressing up and so I decided to make her a very special dress for her birthday. She loves butterflies and I stumbled across this fabric and knew it would be perfect!

I was taking pictures of myself in a dress recently finished sewing (more on that next week!) and thought it would be fun to take some pictures with her too. So I let her open her gift and she was so excited. The fit is perfect and she's been wearing it daily. I love that!
Pattern: The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations
Size: 5
Style: Basic bodice, underskirt, fully lined, invisible zipper and tulle
Fabric: Chasing butterflies in the wind (Catnap) by Lizzy House for Andover.

I modified the skirt portion by adding width so it would gather more and that in addition to the underskirt and tulle make a wonderful, poofy, twirly dress! The zipper gave me some trouble and it doesn't line up but I took it out twice and that's all I had the patience for.
Oh, and there was some piping on the bodice but apparently I miscalculate my seam allowance. Because when I sewed the bodice to the skirt I accidentally sewed the piping so you couldn't see it! I didn't want to take it out so I just went with it. Still love it!

I'm excited to see what this year brings for my girl!

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