Thursday, April 17, 2014

Aster Cardigan: Willow and Co. Patterns

I told you that I had a lot to share with you! This is the last of the patterns that I tested for Willow and Co. Patterns. And I made three (3) different versions in 3 days. I just couldn't help myself. It is just too cute!

The Aster Cardigan was designed by Vanessa from LBG Studio. Vanessa sews amazing clothes for her daughter, Syd, and also takes stunning pictures. And this cardigan is the perfect addition to the Wanderlust collection.
For my first cardigan, I used an unidentifiable knit with very little stretch and it found me so much with the iron and one. So I had to pin this like crazy. So it ended up taking me way longer than it should have. Next time, I won't be using this mystery fabric again! But how cute its it? Its a little snug on her (because of the small amount of stretch) but is slowly stretching out. I made the faux piping collar and used a herringbone knit fabric that I just love. 
And the cardigan pairs perfectly with the Clover shorts, doesn't it?

The second cardigan I made is a little different. I went up a size (size 6) and I repurposed a thrifted sweater so instead of sewing the sleeve bands or hemming the bottom, I used the existing and saved myself lots of time! Isn't this yellow perfect for spring?

Number three. I made this as a gift for a friend. And I had a hard time parting with it because it is adorable.
Since this was my third time sewing it, in such a short amount of time, it came together in an hour and I only had to glance at the tutorial for clarification on one step. That's how well put together this pattern is.

I love this pattern. And definitely want one in my size!

Again, the Wanderlust collection by Willow and Co. Patterns goes on sale April 22nd! 


Unknown said...

I think this is my FAVORITE piece you've done! I love the first one, in grey and want it in my size!!!!

Vanessa Hewell said...

oh no! just read about what happened to your photos. so sad! not sure how i missed this post but thanks for sharing your awesome cardigans and look forward to seeing what you do with your fresh start :)


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