Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Herringbone Chic Swing Coat for M

Don't you just love this coat? Its the new and updated Chic Cocktail Swing Coat pattern by Heidi & Finn. I was excited to test this and I had a hard time deciding what version to sew. I decided on the basic collar and buttons. But there are so many other variations! A hood with bunny, mouse or bear ears! And a cute bowtie closure. It was just released Tuesday and its on sale (on their Craftsy site only) for $4.50 for one week only! I wish it was a little cooler where we live because I want to make M another one with a hood and cute mouse ears!
I've had this herringbone suiting in my stash for a few months and I knew it would be adorable as a coat. I have a slight addiction to any herringbone print. It's just so pretty! And this fabric (found on clearance at JoAnns) has some gold running through it so I had to use a yellow and gold metallic dot for the lining! I ran out of the gold dot fabric so I used a taffeta for the arm lining...turns out its not a great idea. It didn't stretch at all so my sleeves had a bit of bunching near the hem. Oh well, lesson learned!
I sewed a size 5, and the sizing is very generous so that it can go over layers and bulky clothes and can be worn for more than one season. I LOVE that about this pattern. If I make something that I love, I want to see it worn as often as possible. And I'm glad she will be wearing this coat for a few years!


monica_adirondackinspired said...

So cute! I love this, and the lining is perfect.

Inder-ific said...

So cute! I love a swingy coat - it's so Grace Kelly to me! And yes, if you're going to go to the trouble to sew a coat, it should last a couple seasons!

April Boyer Modern Handmade said...
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Heidi Polcyn said...

La-love this coat!!

I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Here is the post if you're interested :)

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

What a wonderful coat! Love it. Yellow lining makes it so much brighter and funner (which is a real word in my books haha).

Sara said...

The coat is gorgeous, April! Love it! I am so glad I found your blog... Your sewing is amazing! And I bet your cooking too! :)


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