Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cozy Sweatshirt and Leggings

Do your kids have a favorite shirt they wear constantly? M has a gray knit tshirt with a tulle bow (she is currently wearing it while napping so no photo!). It's getting small and so I thought I would sew her something similar.
I knew I had a thrifted women's top, a pretty thick knit fabric, in my stash. I love to refashion because I can save a few steps by using the existing hem! The Skipper Top by Sew Much Ado was the perfect pattern to start with. I wanted a cozy, oversize tip so I sewed a size 6, used the existing hem of the top and drafted some long sleeves. I have so much vintage lace so I was excited to finally use some. I tied a bow then just sewed it down on all sides. 
I love the loose, oversize look and she loves it to!
I finally sewed a pair of Go To Leggings, using a 4-way stretch fabric I've had for almost a year. Such a simple pattern and these were completed in less than 30 minutes! I loved the so much that I even sewed another pair for a friend.
M put them in and didn't want to take them off. The fit is perfect and they are so cute!

It's the perfect outfit for the rainy forecast for this weekend! And yes, I wish I had one just like it. 


Unknown said...

I want a set too! Great job I can see how she would love it :)

Masha said...

It is a really adorable outfit!

Heidi Polcyn said...

She looks so cozy I just want to squish her! What a great idea to turn the skipper top into a sweatshirt too, it's super cute.

Renee said...

I'm a little distracted from the beginning where you say she is napping - how in the world do you make that happen?!? :) Such an adorable shirt! and awesome pattern on those leggings.

Inder-ific said...

This is a totally fab outfit! Love the baggy sweatshirt and leggings. Reminds me of Molly Ringwold in Pretty in Pink! Which is to say ... I want one in my size!

monica_adirondackinspired said...

loooove that top! i remember the skipper top catching my my eye awhile back but then i'm sure i got distracted by something shiny and it never crossed my mind again. Comfy and cozy, which is how the kids want to be, anyway! Great job.


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