Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Outfits for H and M
This was originally posted as a part of the 12 Days of Christmas over at Craftstorming. But these pictures are just too cute and I had to share them here as well!

I love Christmas. The lights, decorations, the smell of the tree, the Nutcracker, spending time with family, Christmas carols, I could go on and on. Since Mi was born it has been fun figuring out our own traditions in addition to the ones we celebrate with our extended families. This past summer M took ballet lessons and has been in love with ballet ever since. I found a short(er) Nutcracker ballet and I'm taking her in a few weeks. I hope this can be a new tradition for us and that she loves it as much as I do!
When I was planning the outfits for my kids I found a polka dot home decor fabric in my stash. And knew immediately that I wanted to use it for M. Then I searched for coordinating fabric for H. Not the traditional red or green but with a touch of those colors. I wanted outfits that they could wear throughout the next year.

One Christmas, when I was little, my mom made my cabbage patch doll and I matching dresses. I absolutely loved wearing that dress and took her with me everywhere that day. Side note, I don't remember my dolls name! Here is a picture from Christmas Day.

After I sewed M's dress I ran across the picture above and decided that she needed a matching dress for her baby doll. I surprised her with it right when I started the photo shoot and she was absolutely smitten! I found a free pattern and tutorial for her American Girl Bitty Baby and I think it took me as long to sew as the dress I made for Miette! So cute but I'm not sure how many clothes she will be getting for her doll. I made M the Debbie's Birthday Dress by SewPony. I have had this on my list of things to make to since I purchased it quite a few months ago and I knew that it was the perfect match for this fabric. I sewed a size 5, kept the design simple since the print is so bold and I used a thick red piping where the bodice meets the skirt. I absolutely love it! I paired it with blue tights and sparkly brown shoes. Because she is really into sparkles lately.
My baby boy. Gosh, he's pretty adorable. I re purposed a women's sweater for his shirt. I knew it would be perfect for him and I love how it turned out. I used my tried and true Charlie Tee pattern, size 18 months, but this was the first time using long sleeves. The fit is just perfect. His pants are a blue corduroy and I used this skinny jeans pattern. He normally wears cloth diapers so I sewed him a size 2T but with a shortened length. Oh boy, these do not work well with a bulky cloth diaper. So he now wears disposables with these pants and the fit is great!
These shoes. So cute! I found them, before he was born, at Old Navy for only $.47! I wish I had them in every size because they look adorable on him.

I love these kids. They are so funny and they love each other so much! I'm excited to spend another Christmas with them and can't wait to start making new traditions.
Thanks so much for hosting such a fun series Suz and Laura! I can't wait for the kids to wear these outfits on Christmas Day! Please check back to see all the beautiful creations by these wonderful bloggers.

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