Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cashmere, Cardigans, Elbow Patches: These are a few of my favorite things

I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful series "Family Photo Stitched with Love" hosted by the sweetest sewing sisters Shaffer Sisters. 

I was just thinking today how blessed I am to have family surrounding me. Both my family and my in-laws are wonderful and we can drive to visit them anytime. My parents live 5 minutes away and my in-laws are only 25 minutes away. So my kids get to see their grandparents (and great grandparents) quite often. Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews...so much love! And my own little family makes me so happy. My husband and I have been married almost 15 years and we waited 10 years before having kids (no one believed we would wait that long!). We look at them daily and can't believe they are ours! They make me laugh, cry, frustrate me, amaze me, challenge me, encourage me and I love them to pieces.

These past 6 months instead of buying clothes, I have been exclusively sewing clothes for M (excluding a few basics that I just don't feel like sewing). And I have been sewing quite a few things for H as well. So when the opportunity came up to sew some things for fall, take family pictures and share it with you I said YES!

We live in Southern California and as is typical we just had a heat wave. 97 degrees this past weekend. So even though I would love to make tons of cozy thick sweaters, hats, scarfs, etc. I have to remember where we live. Layers are important. The mornings are chilly with warm afternoons and a cool down in the evening. I also decided that I would sew mostly from my existing fabric stash and try not to buy any additional patterns. And I'm happy to say I only needed to buy fabric for H's cardigan and I bought the Maggie Mae pattern on sale! Hooray for a very affordable new outfit for both of them.

So I knew that I wanted layers for both kids. I was looking through all my fabric and found a vintage sheet. Floral with gray, orange and brown. Perfect. I found a lot of coordinating fabric and then it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to make for each person. I kept adding to the outfits and started running out of time to sew. I really wanted to make a shirt for my husband but I needed to make a muslin and ran out of time. But I will make him something. Very soon!

H is just getting his walking down so was a little wobbly on his feet. He had more fun finding leaves and trying to sneak a few nibbles. 


We ended up going to the pumpkin patch later that day and were able to get a family shot. The kids had a few wardrobe changes but they were still in entirely handmade outfits!

I had a lot of fun designing these outfits and it makes me so happy seeing the kids wearing (and liking) the clothes I make for them. I've listed each item, in detail, below.

Outfit Details for M
Cardigan, Fabric: I used a gray cashmere sweater that I picked up at an estate sale for $2. Its so soft and in such great condition. Size 5 and I'm happy that there is room to grow!
Cardigan, Pattern/Tutorial & Size: I used this tutorial for the cardigan and I cut my pattern pieces from the Hangout Hoodie. I used the sleeves, front (with modifications) and back pieces only. I was able to use the ribbing from the original cardigan so I didn't need to hem the sleeves or bottom!
Cardigan, Details:  Let's talk about those elbow patches. How cute are they? I'm obsessed and want to add them to all of their sweaters. I found this tutorial and I didn't sew them on, just used a heat 'n' bond and ironed them on. So easy!

Shirt, Fabric:  Main fabric: The gray, brown and orange floral is from a vintage sheet, I found at an estate sale. So cute, right? Accent fabric: A tan linen-blend.
Shirt, Pattern & Size: I absolutely love this pattern. Its the Maggie Mae and it is amazing! I made a size 5 and it's generous in size so should fit her for awhile! Hooray!
Shirt, Details: My first time making fabric covered buttons and I am so happy with how they turned out. A friend gave me a huge box of buttons and in it were the button templates. So I was happy to try them out. So easy to do and it makes the shirt look so pretty.

Knickers, Fabric:  Main fabric: Brown linen. Ruffle fabric: Tan linen-blend I used in the shirt.
Knickers, Pattern & Size: Daphne Knickers pattern (my second pair) but this time I made a size 6. The first pair I made was a little snug so I wanted these to last her through the winter.
Knickers, Details: I used a contrast fabric for the ruffle to match the shirt and I also used fabric covered buttons.

Outfit Details for H
Pants, Fabric: I've been hanging on to a pair of pants that I used to wear. I knew they would make a great pair of kids pants. They were from Anthropologie about 10 years ago!
Pants, Pattern & Size: The Inside or Out Pocket Pants. Size 2T. They are a little big on him but fit perfect over his bulky cloth diaper and should fit him for awhile! And look at those pockets. How cute are they?

 Shirt, Fabric: Cut out both the orange and brown from men's t-shirts I found on clearance. I kept the original hem for the sleeves and bottom.
Shirt, Pattern & Size:  The Charlie Tee. Size 18 months. I've made him a few t-shirts using this pattern and they come together so quickly! And my husband was so surprised that I made it, thought I bought it at the store. That made me feel good.

Cardigan, Fabric: Main fabric: From a thrifted dress. Sleeves: A stretch corduroy I had in my stash. I didn't have enough of the main fabric so I searched around and found the corduroy fabric. I just adore how it looks! I also used the buttons that came on the dress. Total price: $1.99
Cardigan, Pattern & Size:  The Greenpoint Cardigan. Size 1. Such a great pattern. My first one was for Miette and I have a few more in mind for my little man!

Outfit Details for Me

Shirt, Fabric: An orange sweater knit from SAS fabrics in Hawthorne. This turned out to be a nightmare to sew! I made it work but I think the rest of the fabric will be turned into infinity scarfs!
Shirt, Pattern & Size: The Seafarer Top. Size S. My favorite pattern. This is my third Seafarer top and I've made Miette about 4 of the Skipper Tops. Both are amazing patterns and so simple to sew.

I have been busy sewing even more clothes and I can't wait to share those with you! In the meantime, 
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Heidi Polcyn said...

Such beautiful clothes! I'm so excited that I have some of the same patterns :) Those knickers are beyond adorable!! Lately I haven't had much time to sew clothes, hopefully soon though!

Rebecca Holmes said...

What an adorable family you have! And the clothes are super cute too! The Maggie Mae is one of my favorites.

Renee said...

So much cuteness! Great job coordinating, I find that the trickiest part.

Bethany said...

Super cute! I love that background and your family us totally adorable! And OF COURSE, all the the clothes are amazing!

Unknown said...

Beautiful family! (and clothes of course) Your color scheme is fantastic. I would love to make something for the hubbie too, I just haven't found the right thing/motivation. -Rachel

Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread said...

Cuteness overload. :) Great pics!

Renee // nearest the pin said...

These outfits are amazing April! I especially love Henri's pants and the vintage sheet Maggie Mae. What a great series this is :)

Unknown said...

What works of love!! Your hangout hoodie was so 'flipped', I had to do a retake to find it again :). Beautiful work....and I'm loving those Daphne capris as well!

Emily Thompson said...

the outfits are adorable!! Love all the pieces... really well done!! Emily@nap-timecreations.com


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