Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tribal Print Knit Dress

I used to be terrified of sewing with knits. Hearing all the horror stories about the fabric curling, puckering, getting wavy, I just didn't want to try it. Then I stumbled across medium weight knit and it was so easy to sew. After finding a lot of tips online, and practicing a lot, I have to say that I now love knits. Its comfortable for my kids and there are some adorable fabric choices out there!

So, this dress. Where to begin. This dress has been in my mind for awhile. After I bought this amazing tribal knit fabric, I knew it would look adorable as a simple dress. I looked for patterns and tutorials online but just didn't find exactly what I was looking for.
Remembering that I had some printed patterns, I started searching and found this pattern in my stash (picked up at estate sale) and it was perfect. Vintage-ish. Produced in 1990 but the style definitely works for today. Dropped waist, gathered skirt, sleeveless. And the size 5 was even cut out and ready to go. So far, so good.
Turns out I didn't have enough fabric to cut as instructed so I had to improvise. Not ideal but easy enough to work around. I could live with the pattern not lining up or matching perfectly (sort-of). Both kids were napping and I sewed this up in 2 hours. Hooray!

It looked great but also looked big. How big? About 2 sizes too big. I should have looked at the sizing a bit closer and made her a 3 or 4. So, my seam ripper and I got real cozy. I took apart the skirt, took in the side seams, added a pleat to the back, a few details to the front to fix the low and loose neckline, and traumatized my daughter by having her try it on so many times!
All that and I must say that I love this dress. So simple, casual, comfortable and just perfect for my active girl. And the bow? Her favorite part! Oh, and there are pockets. Though, since I lengthened the bodice, they are a bit out if her reach. But I have a feeling she will have a growth spurt pretty soon and it will be perfect!
 Lesson learned? Always double check the sizing on all patterns! And make sure there is enough fabric.

The Pattern: McCall's 4806, View A
The Fabric: Gray and beige tribal knit. From SAS Fabrics.
The Size: 5, adjusted to about a 4T
It looks cute with sparkly shoes and it's even perfect for playing at the park!

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Unknown said...

I love sewing with knits! Really cute dress!


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