Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fox, forest and flowers

My best friend is an amazing photographer. She lives in Tennessee and when I found out she was coming into town (for 2 months!!!) we decided a photoshoot of our kiddos was in order. Our girls are just 3 weeks apart and the babies are 4 months apart. And they all love each other so much!

What started out as a simple dress for the older girls turned into coordinating outfits for everyone! We found a fabric we loved and went from there. Les Amis by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller is what we found. We ended up using the cute fox, forest scene and tiny flowers.

I had so much fun figuring out what to make for each person. I made a pleated playsuit for Miette, a geranium dress for C, shorts for Henri, a pinafore and bubble pocket shorts for T. I can't wait to see them all wearing these together!

Here is what I made.

Pattern: Pleated Playsuit by Elegance and Elephants
Size: 5T
Fabric: Les Amis by Michael Miller, Lil Meadow in Peach with brown linen accents
More details about this can be found here.

Pattern: The Inside or Out Pocket Pants by Fishsticks Designs
Size: 18 months
Fabric: Main is a brown linen and pockets are Les Amis by Michael Miller, Socks the Fox in Coral.
More detail can be found here.

Pattern: Geranium dress by Made by Rae
Size: 5T with added length
Fabric: Les Amis in peach by Michael Miller
See this post for more details.

Pattern: Bubble Pocket Shorts by Elegance and Elephants
Size: 18-2T
Fabric: Brown linen with accents in Les Amis by Michael Miller, Lil Meadow in Peach.

Pattern: Pinafore tutorial by Smashed Peas and Carrots
Size: 6-12 months 
Fabric: Outside: Les Amis by Michael Miller, Socks the Fox in Coral. 
Inside: Les Amis by Michael Miller, Lil Meadow in Peach.



Heidi Polcyn said...

Oh my goodness. These are all soooo cute! ALL of the prints are amazing. I am loving foxes lately, I think my girl needs something in a fox print ;) Your photoshoot is going to be awesome with all these adorable clothes!

Tasha Early | Glitter+Wit said...

I wish I had a photographer friend! You did a great job on all these garments, and I LOVE that they coordinate. Can't wait to see the photos... I mean... if you post them. :)

sofia said...

So excited for the photo shoot! It been hard to keep these off the girls...C LOVES her dress!!
"Mom, but did you see the butterflies too?! It's the most beautiful dress in the World!"
(Said as she wore it to Trader Joes this morning) ;)

Hootnz said...

These are adorable....the photoshoot is sure to be stunning with them wearing all these gorgeous garments! Well done :)


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