Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Skirts for the Summer

A few months ago I went through my clothes and got rid of most of my skirts. They were either maternity, too small or just ones that I had for way too long. I since realized that I wear skirts a lot so I needed to make some new ones!

I absolutely love this one. I think I have worn it every day since I made it. Its the perfect length, size and is so comfortable. I plan to make a few more very soon!

Chambray summer skirt (without pockets)
Tutorial from Dana Made It

This skirt is a little more dressy and not for around-the-house. I love being able to mix and match to dress it up or down. And I made a little removable waistband to go over the elastic if I feel like adding a pop of color or pattern.

Turquoise circle skirt
Tutorial by Dana Made It 

The most comfortable pencil skirt ever. Seriously. This was so quick to sew and I absolutely love it!

Knit coral and white pencil skirt
Tutorial by Merricks Art

Sorry for all the different shades in the pictures. Turns out trying to take pictures, edit pictures and blog while you have two little ones is quite difficult! I don't know how people do it! I was happy to get all these sewn in time for Skirt Week!


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pneu said...

These are gorgeous--well done! I LOVE your idea of adding a removable waistband to cover the elastic on the circle skirt. Elastic waists are so easy to sew but I don't always like how they look on me. Thanks for the inspiration.


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