Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Shorts from Men's Shirt

This boy. He is just the happiest, cutest, funniest little boy in the world. And it turns out making clothes for boys is just as fun as for girls! Shorts are such a simple, easy thing to make. I had this button down men's shirt in my stash for quite awhile and knew it would make the perfect pair of shorts. I was cutting the pattern pieces and night and didn't notice that the front of the shirt was cut on the bias and the back wasn't. So I ended up with a diagonal pattern on the front and straight pattern on the back. And I love it!

The two top teeth are breaking through, thus the crazy amount of drool!

Pattern: Cargo shorts by Seamingly Smitten Patterns
Size: 12-18 months
Fabric: Cotton shirting from a mens button down shirt

I made a size 18 month (again for my 8 month old who wears cloth diapers) and the fit is pretty good. They ended up being pretty long but I wanted to be able to save the length for when he gets bigger. Last weekend I picked up this vintage hem tape, at an estate sale, and thought I would give it a try! It went on easily but I don't think it will last through the first washing. But it was fun to try it out!

And this is his newest trick. Pulling himself to standing. Really? Let's slow down a little baby boy! And how cute are these shorts?



Inder-ific said...

He's adorable. And so are the shorts! I love shirting fabrics - especially stripes and checks, so this is great. I will be very curious to hear if the iron-on hemming tape lasts! I love vintage bias tape and hem tape - use it all the time, but I have never seen the iron-on type! Seems like a good emergency fix item, but like you say, maybe not the most durable finish! Let me know!

Unknown said...

That is a cool look, bias on the front, straight on the back. Yay for happy accidents!


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