Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby Shorts from Men's Shirt

This boy. He is just the happiest, cutest, funniest little boy in the world. And it turns out making clothes for boys is just as fun as for girls! Shorts are such a simple, easy thing to make. I had this button down men's shirt in my stash for quite awhile and knew it would make the perfect pair of shorts. I was cutting the pattern pieces and night and didn't notice that the front of the shirt was cut on the bias and the back wasn't. So I ended up with a diagonal pattern on the front and straight pattern on the back. And I love it!

The two top teeth are breaking through, thus the crazy amount of drool!

Pattern: Cargo shorts by Seamingly Smitten Patterns
Size: 12-18 months
Fabric: Cotton shirting from a mens button down shirt

I made a size 18 month (again for my 8 month old who wears cloth diapers) and the fit is pretty good. They ended up being pretty long but I wanted to be able to save the length for when he gets bigger. Last weekend I picked up this vintage hem tape, at an estate sale, and thought I would give it a try! It went on easily but I don't think it will last through the first washing. But it was fun to try it out!

And this is his newest trick. Pulling himself to standing. Really? Let's slow down a little baby boy! And how cute are these shorts?


Pretty in Pink

Miette is growing so fast and she was in need of some new shirts. I've been meaning to sew up some more Tumble Tees because they are so simple and quick to put together. And oh so adorable!

Fabric: Pink with white polka dots. Not sure of the exact fabric but it has about 20% stretch. I used white eyelet trim down the front.
Pattern: Tumble Tee by Imagine Gnats
Size: 4

It looks just adorable with her denim shorts and shoes with pink bows.

She was pretty cranky while taking these pictures but I was able to get a few smiles and a little spunk from her!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Shorts

My best friend is coming into town next month (for 2 months!!) and we decided we wanted to do a photo shoot with the kids. She is an awesome photographer so to match her skills it was decided that I would make coordinating outfits for all the kids!

We chose the fabric, and I decided what I wanted to make each person. These are the first of the outfits and they just so happened to be shorts. Miette has a lot of dresses so I wanted to make something a little different. And since I'll be making a dress for her friend, C, I didn't want her to have a dress as well. Although, I will have extra fabric so she will be getting a new dress anyway!
And Henri was in need of some shorts and I had a new pattern to use for him. Sewing for boys is just as fun as sewing for girls!

For Miette, I used the (FREE) Pleated Playsuit pattern from Elegance and Elephants. I purchased her bubble pocket shorts pattern and have already made 4 pairs of them, and I absolutely love making these shorts.  Aren't they adorable?
Bubble pocket shorts in blue and white seersucker
 Bubble pocket shorts in green with white stripes

Her patterns are easy to understand and come together very quickly.  The main fabric is Les Amis by Michael Miller, Lil Meadow in peach and is accented by a brown linen.

I love the floral print but felt it needed a little more pop so I sewed on two buttons and added a bow. I made the 4/5 and had some fitting problems. She is 3 years old so she still has her adorable little tummy. It's a little tight around the waistband and the top ended up being a bit more narrow and lower under the arms, than I thought it would be. I don't think this will fit her for very long but I'll be sure to have her wear it as often as I can! I absolutely adore how it turned out. And I've had some friends request one in an adult size!

Henri's shorts are a pattern from Fishsticks Designs. The Inside or Out Pocket Pants/Shorts. I used the same brown linen as Miette's romper and accented his pockets with Les Amis by Michael Miller, Socks the Fox in coral.

Since H is wearing cloth diapers, I have to make his clothes a bit bigger to accommodate that extra bulk. So even though he is 8 months old, I made the 18 month size and they fit great! A little on the long side but I can pull them over the diaper no problem.
These shorts took me a lot longer than I thought they would. Not sure if I was just having an off day but I must have ripped out every seam and started over numerous times! But I do love the result and that little fox on the pockets is too adorable!

I have a dress, another pair of bubble pocket shorts and a pinafore to make before next month. I can't wait to see all the pieces together and finished!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Orange Lace Dress

This year, for my birthday, my husband and I did a little shopping in DTLA. Specifically at Michael Levine Loft. There are boxes full of fabric, no yardage listed, no designer or manufacturer listed on most pieces. Just boxes full of wonderful fabric! And it's $2.50 per pound, amazing! Let's just say that I came home with quite a lot of fabric.
I found this beautiful orange lace and I knew that I needed to make a dress. I saw a white lace strapless dress at Target and decided that was the look I wanted to go for. I originally cut a medium for the dress but it ended up being too big so I would say by the time I took it in, it ended up being a size small.

Fabric: Orange lace for main fabric, red batiste for underlining.
Pattern: Mimi maxi dress by Seamingly Smitten Patterns 
Pattern Modifications:  1. Added in seam pockets because I love pockets! 2. Instead of ankle length with side slit, I cut it shorter and had the hem hit just below the knee. 3. I also cut the width smaller for the skirt so that I didn't have to gather as much material. 4. And of course, I had to add a belt! One from the same orange lace and a brown one (which I took from an existing dress that didn't fit anymore).

These adorable chain sandals are my new favorite shoe. From Zara. So comfortable and perfect for summer!

I'm currently working on a pleated playsuit for Miette and I'm going to start on a button down shirt for my husband!


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Skirts for the Summer

A few months ago I went through my clothes and got rid of most of my skirts. They were either maternity, too small or just ones that I had for way too long. I since realized that I wear skirts a lot so I needed to make some new ones!

I absolutely love this one. I think I have worn it every day since I made it. Its the perfect length, size and is so comfortable. I plan to make a few more very soon!

Chambray summer skirt (without pockets)
Tutorial from Dana Made It

This skirt is a little more dressy and not for around-the-house. I love being able to mix and match to dress it up or down. And I made a little removable waistband to go over the elastic if I feel like adding a pop of color or pattern.

Turquoise circle skirt
Tutorial by Dana Made It 

The most comfortable pencil skirt ever. Seriously. This was so quick to sew and I absolutely love it!

Knit coral and white pencil skirt
Tutorial by Merricks Art

Sorry for all the different shades in the pictures. Turns out trying to take pictures, edit pictures and blog while you have two little ones is quite difficult! I don't know how people do it! I was happy to get all these sewn in time for Skirt Week!



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