Monday, May 13, 2013

Miette turns 3!

My baby girl turned 3 a few weeks ago.
She is such a sweet, caring, funny, silly girl.
She loves to dance, sing, have you make up songs about anything and everything.
She adores her baby brother and will do just about anything to make him laugh.
She will sit very still while you read her 5 books in a row then sit there and read through the books herself. Playing in the dirt and water are two of her very favorite outdoor activities.
Greek yogurt with honey and fruit is what she asks for each morning. And if we are out, she tells me we need to go to the store to buy more.
She loves veggies. And that makes me happy!
She tries to do everything on her own. Some things I don't mind (getting dressed) and other things I have a harder time with (pouring her own water into a cup).
She is full of life and love.
She wants to help me when I'm sewing and loves to choose the fabric for her clothes. Lately, she loves all things pink. But luckily she will wear just about anything. 

I decided to make her a special outfit for her birthday. The first three pairs of shorts I was trying to make were a terrible failure. And turns out it wasn't just me! After some research I found out the pattern was problematic for most everyone that tried it. So I switched gears and made these bubble pocket shorts. Success! The cutest shorts ever. I have another pair in the works right now!
Bubble pocket shorts. Blue and white seersucker. 

I decided to make the tunic version of the geranium dress and this time I went with the pleats and pockets. Pockets in the shirt and on the shorts? She was in heaven!

 Blue eyelet lined with blue and white striped shirting material.

I also made her this Madeline-inspired doll (pattern by Sew Much Ado). I love that she can braid the hair and she has a reversible skirt! My friend Rachel found some vintage handmade doll clothes and gave them to Mie for her birthday and they fit just perfect!

I love watching her grow and can't wait to see more of her personality as she gets older.

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