Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Twirly Dancing Dress

Miette loves to dance. Whenever she hears music she just starts dancing or if we are in the car, bobbing her head around. I love to watch her dance. She smiles, laughs and just has so much fun!

She kept requesting a dress "like a ballerina". Which basically meant one that she could twirl around in.

So I obliged. I've been designing and thinking about this dress for around 6 months (after seeing a dress that I loved and thinking that I could make one very similar) and I decided it was about time to make it a reality.

I love how it turned out BUT it isn't perfect and those small imperfections are just killing me! Somehow the front got a little wonky and hemming a circle skirt is just a nightmare (at least for me). There are a few things I would change next time but I'm pretty proud of it and I must say that she loves it!

I used the bodice and ruffle sleeves from the Geranium dress pattern. I lengthened the bodice and added lace to the edges of the ruffle sleeves. I also added a bib yoke to the front (using this great tutorial) and lace as well. Instead of the standard Geranium skirt, I used a circle skirt. The material was a bit thin so I had to double up on the skirt. Which added a bit more bulk but also more twirl for Miette!

And I leave you with some pictures of my girl twirling, this morning, in her new dress. (Note: these pics would be a lot cuter and less blurry if I had used my "real" camera, but my phone was much closer for me to grab when she started dancing. Next time...)

Oh, and I made this little guy some swim trunks. More on that later!


sallyavena said...

What little girl doesn't need a twirling dress! This one is very cute indeed!

Chelsea B. said...

This is an awesome twirling dress! I love the contrast in the dress and collar! Thanks for sharing!

Get Your Crap Together

the Clarksters said...

LOVE IT!!!! What an absolutely cute idea... too bad I don't sew because I'd be spending lots of time making twirling dresses for my ballerina too!


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