Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Afternoon. Eating Local.

I love trying new restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, pretty much any place I can have a delicious meal or treat! Before baby, it was much easier for me to plan out a day where I could drive to LA and cross off about 3-4 places from my "restaurants to try" list. I have missed doing that so I decided to look up places that were a bit more local. So now I have my list of places to try right here in Long Beach!

Since Miette (the adorable, mischievous little girl above) decided to boycott her nap today, we needed to get out of the house so we went to the first two places on my list. One is a bakery and the other is a clothing store.

Scratch Baked Goods. A small little bakery, coffee from Rose Park Roasters (who deliver fresh roasted coffee on bikes. I must try this!), tables if you want to enjoy a pastry or two, fresh was so hard to decide!

Since the bread was just baked I got this loaf of olive bread. I know Brian will love it.

And this vegetable pot pie (I devoured half of it before remembering I needed to take a picture!). So delicious. Parsnip, sweet potato, purple potato, mushrooms inside a puff pastry. Highly recommend trying this. I'm so excited to have a local bakery to get my morning pastries and fresh bread! And I hear the coffee is great, can't wait to try it.

Twig and Willow. Such a cute store. Beautiful jewelery, unique clothing, homemade jams, locally-made caramels, and more. Next time I may leave Miette with Brian so I can spend a little more time perusing the goods.

More bakeries and coffee shops to visit. Can't wait!

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hannah singer said...

i want to visit, too! sounds amazing.especially the vegetable pie:)



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