Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crafting for Christmas

For the past 12 years, as a married couple, we haven't really decorated for Christmas (other than a tree and lights on the house). No stockings hung, no tree skirt, no snowmen or other things decorating the house. And each year we would get a Noble Fir tree.

This year everything is different. We bought our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving (a first!), we bought a Douglas Fir, I decorated the inside of the house, I made a tree skirt, stockings and wreaths. And our house was fully decorated by Tuesday...before December 1st.

I have to say, I love it. And (almost) everything was made from things I had around the house. So affordable and reusable. Love it!

Stockings. I was going with a red, gray and white color scheme this year so I used material from my fabric stash for these. The gray and red ruffle is for Miette, the solid red and gray is Brian's and the gray and white with red flower is for me. They are so cute and I'm excited to fill them all! Now, to figure out where to hang them...

Ruffle tree skirt. Made with material I've had for over 10 years, that belonged to my grandmother. We always had Christmas at her house so it's a great reminder of her and all our wonderful years spent together.

Yarn wreath. I had a wreath making party with a few friends and I love how each of our wreaths was so unique! I made this little one for Miette's room.

I like getting a fresh wreath for our front door but don't like spending much money. So, when we got our tree I picked up a few scrap branches to make a wreath. I got a wreath form for $2.50, Miette and I picked pine cones at the park, the holly is from a tree in our yard, I added some cranberries and a burlap bow. I spent $2.50 instead of $20 and I love it so much!

I'm looking forward to seeing White Christmas, the musical, with my mom in a few weeks as well as lots of time with friends, family and holiday baking!


Four Flights said...

beautiful April! I especially love the fresh wreath :)

hannah singer said...

hooray! you're festive now, look out, christmas! :)

so lovely, april xo

beth said...

WOW! You're amazing!


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