Saturday, October 29, 2011

What's New...

I'll be honest. I haven't had the motivation to blog. I've been busy at home creating. Cooking, baking, making jam, craft projects. But every time I think about doing a blog post, I get overwhelmed.

If I want to take pictures of the food or craft project, I need to think about how I want the finished picture to look. Then get the props out and decide if I want to take the pictures during Miette's nap or if I would rather do laundry, nothing or take a nap myself.

My computer isn't working at its peak so its more of an ordeal to turn it on, upload the pictures, edit them then think of what to write! And when I have a little more time at night I have more decisions about what to make for dinner, cleaning up the dishes, hanging with the husband and how to spend the rest of my child-free evening.

So, I guess at this stage in my life that my blogging with be infrequent. But I'll still try to get on every once in awhile to share a bit of my life.

What's new with me? Well, I have a new addiction. Making homemade jam. My first batch was a strawberry-balsamic jam and it was so amazing I had to try others. This summer in addition to the strawberry-balsamic I also made triple berry and peach-raspberry. I gave so many jars away that my stash was down to only one jar of each! So, I started making some Fall jams. Apple, pear, plum spiced jam, pear-raspberry and pear-orange marmalade are my recent concoctions. And they are all amazing!

My new fall wreath.

I spend a lot of time with this wonderful little girl.

Mini cake donuts. On top of chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting. Delicious!

This year, I decided to make Miette's Halloween costume. Inspiration from Pinterest, of course. I love how it turned out!

Miette didn't want to wear the mask but I think she looked just as cute without it.

This kid LOVED trick-or-treating. Seriously. She was running down the street and saying "candy" over and over again.
Family pumpkins. My first pumpkin carving, ever. I carved both owls and Brian carved the funny face. It was so much fun.
November 1st. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. I can't wait!


hannah singer said...

yes, just around the corner!
love the costume. love ALL your homemade goodness!

rental mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

the Clarksters said...

I can understand the lack of motivation for blogging - especially since you turn out such AMAZING results, but you know what, it is still very nice just to hear your 'voice' and see how God uses your talents and passions in just everyday ways. So I guess this is just an encouragement that though we love your photos, recipes, patterns - there's no pressure for it to be perfect - you're inspirational just in your sharing of you!


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