Friday, July 29, 2011

A Favorite Breakfast

Growing up breakfast was usually cereal, malt-o-meal, pop tarts or toast. On occasion, we would have pancakes for dinner but not for breakfast (which my husband thinks is strange and I still love!). It wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered plain yogurt. Not flavored yoplait but unsweetened, thick, creamy yogurt. I fell in love. Drizzled with honey and topped with strawberries, banana and granola. I found a new favorite breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I still love malt-o-meal, pop tarts (plan to make my own, very soon) and of course pancakes, eggs, bacon, potatoes...the list goes on and on. But for a quick, satisfying breakfast I always turn to yogurt.
This past year has been about making (more) foods from scratch. Foods I never thought about making but now can't imagine buying from the store!
So I made Greek yogurt, granola and roasted strawberry jam. And put them all together for a delicious breakfast. The yogurt and jam have been on my "to do" list for awhile, I've been making granola for a few years.
I found a simple recipe for Greek yogurt and just made my second batch yesterday. And it was even easier the second time around! The great thing about making it from scratch is the price. I used organic milk for $3.79/half gallon and it made 1 quart + 2 cups of yogurt. Organic Greek-style yogurt is around $8 for 1 quart. And this tastes so much better. Oh and I also made frozen yogurt and strawberry jam pops, which are in the freezer, and will be consumed this evening!
Roasted Strawberry-Balsamic Jam. No boiling, no stirring, no canning. So simple and tasty. I'm going to try freezer jam and canning but I wanted something quick and this did the trick. While the strawberries are roasting, you will walk around the house exclaiming "This is the best smell in the world, I wish there was a candle that smelled just like this!", at least I did.
I've tried a lot of granola recipes. And this one is wonderful (and her pictures are amazing!). I love that it doesn't use too much butter but still tastes rich. So I don't feel guilty for piling it high on my yogurt.

I would say that breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day.

I'll save the most amazing pancake mix and caramel buttermilk syrup for another post. ;)

What do you eat for breakfast?


Anonymous said...

can't wait to sample!

the Clarksters said...

You're right, that granola recipe site has beautiful photos... and a great recipe- I almost want to try making it again. Favorite breakfasts for us lately (to clarify, favorite everyday/easy/healthy breakfast because of course I love waffles and omellettes Ambrose style): PORRIDGE! Easy - mix of old fashioned and 'instant' oats, with a bit of kasha mixed in, cooked with slices of dates... soy milk mixed in after it's mostly cooked, then topped with your choice of chopped nuts, dried fruit, coconut, maple syrup, honey spooned through... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it... but your strawberry jam sounds amazing too... I'll have to try in summer!

hannah singer said...

beautiful and surely delicious! wow!

Anonymous said...

Cooking strawberries always remind me of stripper perfume. Probably just me though.

That's like a $9 bowl of restaurant "parfait"? Feed a family of 4 and it's $36++ saved, g'job!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

yum yum yum!! this looks soo healthy and delicious!!

Joy said...

You made Greek yogurt? You go, girl! I love that stuff and always feel a little guilty with my unabashed consumption of it because of the cost. I'll have to try making it one of these days. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

just got your comment. Feel free to snag some of the dessert pictures! YUM!


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