Monday, July 18, 2011

Coconut, Peanut Butter, Chocolate

Happy Monday! I'm enjoying this beautiful day and reflecting on a fun weekend. A birthday weekend. My husbands birthday was yesterday. On Friday we took M to the Long Beach Aquarium and had so much fun watching her get so excited about the fish. I love seeing things through a child's eyes. They just soak everything in and are so joyful! Saturday B went to a friend's bachelor party, at the beach, and was able to get lots of surfing in. While he was enjoying the beach, M and I celebrated a friend's birthday. Then on Sunday we relaxed and celebrated with a BBQ and these amazing desserts. I told him to pick any dessert and I would make it. He chose two ;) Stuffed peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and coconut cream cake.
These cookies are truly delicious. Sandwiched in between two peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, is a whole peanut butter cup. The original recipe can be found here. In addition to the chocolate chip cookies we added peanut butter and butterscotch chips. Next time I am going to make them a bit smaller and stuff them with the peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's. And yes, these were gone in a matter of minutes (as I knew they would be) so before the party I made sure to freeze a few so we could enjoy them later in the week!

Isn't this a pretty cake? I'm not really a fan of coconut. I don't mind the flavor, in fact I love coconut milk, but I just don't like the texture of coconut. My husband, however, loves coconut! This cake was a bit time consuming, and didn't come out perfect but was so tasty that even I liked it! Slightly sweet coconut cake, coconut cream filling, white chocolate frosting and topped with unsweetened coconut curls. The coconut pastry cream recipe can be found at Leite's Culinaria. The coconut cake and frosting recipes are taken from the Macrina cookbook. My sister-in-law lives in Seattle and she is able to eat all the wonderful treats from this bakery. She gave me the cookbook and I am able to bake them in my home. And everything I have tried is amazing! I highly recommend the book and if you are in Seattle, make a visit to the bakery!
Have a great week!


the Clarksters said...

Happy Birthday BRIAN!!! WOW... you've got great taste and heck, on your birthday you're allowed to ask for 2 desserts!!! By the way, I've adapted your Lemon Quinoa Muffins a couple of times and really enjoy them, though I suspect yours are all the more delightful... wholewheat flour only takes you so far... Beautiful photos too!

Mary LeMonnier said...

Depressed to have missed your coconut cake!! Looks sooooo good!!

hannah singer said...

i LOVE all things coconut. yum. i saw these cookies somewhere recently and flipped out:) can't wait to try my own! and don't even get me started on coconut cake. be still my heart.

happy weekend to you! xo


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