Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Randomness on Wednesday

Lots of things to share and I love lists. So I combined them both and tried not to make the list too long!

* I went to the library to get my book club book (all out, had to put a copy on hold) and instead came home with these books. Instead of spending ALL night on Pinterest (you can follow me here), I'll be enjoying these books.

* I've been teaching M sign language but she seems to interpret my signs a little differently and makes up her own so that only Brian and I know what she is saying! Its cute, but a little confusing at times since a few look very similar. Her newest one is "help" and instead of using the sign I tried to teach her she raises her hand or in urgent situations, raises both hands. I like her version much better.

* This week I will be attempting my third try at making macarons. The first two, while tasting great, didn't have the "typical" macaron look. So after a lot of research, I'm hoping to have success this time around!
First failed attempt at macarons, 4 years ago

* Have you ever purchased bulk food products? A friend introduced me to Azure Standard awhile back and I'll be placing an order soon! A few friends are going in on some things with me and we can't wait to get everything!

* I went to get M up from her nap yesterday and found she had taken off her pants AND diaper AND went to the bathroom both on the crib and on the floor. Luckily there was no finger painting or anything brown...but it was a funny scene to walk in to!

* I love my kitchen. We remodeled our house about 8 years ago and I was able to get a great kitchen. To good to be true appliances, beautiful countertops and custom cabinets, my dad is a master carpenter! I also have tons of storage space but somehow I need even more. I've just collected so many things and its hard to let a little organization was in order. I started with the most disorganized cabinets and even though I still have lots of things/food at least its organized!
After, I love baskets!

* Oh, and Miette is now walking! It is the cutest thing and makes me want to cry each time I see her little Frankenstein walk! And she is so proud of herself.

Hope you have a great Wednesday. I'm off to make test some new (pink!) recipes for BlogSugar!


Anonymous said...

Mine is just started lifting his head. so frustating. He needs to hurry the EFF up.

Also, I was really excited about "Sideways on a Scooter", until I realized it wasn't about scootering :sadface:

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad you didn't get a special finger painted drawing. The cookies look wonderful.


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