Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chocolate on my mind.

Growing up I didn't like chocolate. I know, crazy right? I didn't know why I just never wanted to eat it. I preferred (and still do prefer) chewy candy. Jelly bellys, licorice, hot tamales, skittles, cinnamon bears. Give me any of those and I will eat them until I feel sick, seriously. But now I know why I didn't like chocolate, I only knew about the super sweet milk chocolate. After being introduced to dark chocolate and good quality chocolate I became a huge fan!

Oh, and hot chocolate. Once I learned that you can make your own, and just how delicious that is, no more packaged hot chocolate for me! Good chocolate, cocoa powder with a little milk and homemade marshmallows...incredible!

I still would rather eat licorice but when I do crave chocolate these are a few of my favorite things to make. What is your favorite chocolate recipe?

Chocolate peppermint wafer cookies

And something else sweet, little M enjoying all my dessert cookbooks :)

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