Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The reasons I am looking forward to Autumn.

1. Road trip from Seattle to California with my sisters (image via deviantArt)

2. Packing my bags and travelling to New York (image via Anthropologie)

3. Walking through Central Park while in NYC (image via Town&Country Travel Magazine)

4. Making lots of delicious soup


5. Wearing sweaters, scarfs, jeans, coats, boots, hats, the list goes on! (images via Anthropologie, Oscar de la Renta)

6. Drinking copious amounts of tea, hot chocolate and coffee.

7. Listening & watching to the rain while sitting on my couch, sipping on something hot, reading a wonderful book. Or watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.

There are so many more reasons to enjoy Autumn and I just can't wait! What are you looking forward to?


Anonymous said...

I could go on and on and on about all I have to look forward to. This is the best time of the year. From Sept-December!! YEAH!!!!

Amy Loo, Ace and Bella Blue said...

The fresh cold air, hot tea, fall clothes-sweaters, scarves, etc., using the fireplace for cuddling, reading or watching movies, taking an evening stroll with the family and getting bundled up for it, and so much more! It's such a lovely time of year! I love that there is so much excitement around it!

Melissa said...

Yes yes yes yes yes! I can't wait to cuddle up in a cute sweater and drink something delicious and warm. I can't wait to make soup too. Go away heat, we have big plans!

By the way, every Anthropoloie image on your blog makes me swoon.

Ash said...

That pic of central park is exactly what a wish in a NY trip in the fall. Funny I was just thinking of this today!

Chris said...

College Football.

And wishing i was going to Central Park too.

stephy said...

I love all of those things. Mostly #1. Love you!!!

Mary LeMonnier said...

Reasons I am jealous of April:
1. you are going to NEW YORK!!!
2. you are going on a road trip with your sisters!!! my sisters and i only go shopping.
3. you are a fabulous cook!!
Have a lov-u-ly fall!

Joy said...

Now I'm excited about *your* Autumn! It sounds so fun. :) Mine has a lot of travel in store, too.

I love anthropologie...swoon.

Dewi said...

Ok, these are the best reason!!!! So, I'll be foolowing you too, especially wearing Fall collection!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE fall! :) I'm looking forward to the State Fair of Texas and all the yummy food it has to offer, getting some rain so I can wear my Hunter wellies with leggings and tunic tops, actually enjoying hot coffee, and football games snuggled up with my man!

Cherie said...

Long, candle-lit dinners with great wine and friends.


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