Friday, July 3, 2009

1st Summer Harvest from the Garden

Well it's finally summer in my edible garden! I was able to pick my first vegetables of the season and look forward to more as the summer goes on. This was a small harvest but its only a matter of time before I am overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables I have.

Top to Bottom:
Red Stupice Tomato--This is a new tomato type for us. Brian picked it out and can't wait to see how it tastes.
Thai Chile--Hopefully I got the right ones and that these are as hot as the other Thai chiles I get in the store.
Zucchini--For some reason these are looking more like a crookneck squash and not as straight as normal.
Yellow Pear Tomato--I planted this last year and it re-seeded itself and I had to pull out around 20 seedlings! But left a few for harvest.
Green Beans--Brian's favorite vegetable so I'm trying to plant a lot of these.
Serrano Chile--To go along with the tomatoes in making lots of salsa this year.

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