Monday, June 29, 2009

BBA Challenge & Falling Behind

Top Row (L to R): Challah, Artos Greek Celebration, Anadama
Bottom Row (L to R): Jalapeno-Cheese, ABin5, Pane Sicilano

Well, I've fallen a bit behind on my Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge. I was on top if it for week 1 and loved week 2 but that is as far as I have done on my challenge! I've been pretty busy, been out of town and just haven't had the motivation to bake bread, which is very surprising because I love to eat the bread I bake! Another reason I haven't made the ones in the past weeks are that I have made them in the past, numerous times, and absolutely loved them! Here are the breads that I have missed posting about:

Week 3 Bagels: I'm going to try these one day! I've never made this bagel recipe though I have made others and wasn't too thrilled with the results.

Week 4 Brioche: If you have never eaten or baked brioche then you must. It is the most delicious, rich, amazing bread. But it's definitely not low-fat!

Week 5 Casatiello: A bread that you can enjoy as a sandwich unto itself. The bread has cheese and salami baked into a slightly sweet dough and is amazing!

That brings us to the Week 6 challenge of Challah bread. This is another one of my favorites. Partly because it is just so beautiful but also because of the wonderful rich flavor. I've made this for clients and have had great feedback. This makes a wonderful presentation and is almost too pretty to eat!

This week's challenge is Ciabatta bread. This is one of the first breads that I tried in this book. My first attempts were pretty dense but as I practiced I was able to get the wonderful and large holes that are traditional for this "slipper" bread. Even though I've made this before I think I'll make a batch for sandwiches!

I'm going to try to get back on track and bake along with everyone else each week so keep your fingers crossed for me!


Gaby said...

omg bread... and homemade bread is the absolute best! It can't be beat!

Susie said...

ALL of your breads are beautiful. You must be a perfectionist. :)
Great job.
Nice baking along with you,

Sophie said...

I think that your breads do look beautiful!!!
MMMMM...Can we get the recipes, April?

Yum Yum!!!

Dewi said...

Isn't great to be able to bake your own bread?

These are beautiful bread, and nothing beat the home made bread!


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