Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Reason May is my Favorite Month

May. My favorite month for many reasons--it's finally Spring, the wonderful food that is in season, warmer weather--but the top are that it's my wedding anniversary (celebrating 10 years this Friday!) and the Jacaranda trees are in bloom.

I absolutely love these beautiful trees with lavender-blue, bell-shaped flowers. Here in Long Beach they planted entire streets that are lined with Jacaranda trees and to drive or walk down the street is amazing. The flowers drop quite fast and the trees are only in bloom for a month but I take every opportunity to enjoy the beauty while I can.

When I was young I used to walk down a Jacaranda-lined street in my neighborhood and I remember telling my mom that I wanted to be married in the middle of the street when the trees were in full bloom--that didn't happen but I did get married the month they are the most gorgeous.

These trees make me happy and I intentionally drive or walk around different streets that are lined with them so that I can enjoy them in all their splendor.

What are your favorite trees?


Anonymous said...

Japanese Maples. We have several in the backyard and they are just beautiful when in bloom. So many different colors....come over and we will have tea and stare at them :)

the Clarksters said...

Happy Anniversary Week!!! WOW!!! 10 years seems like such a long time! Way to go!!! Your blog is beautiful! I love it!!! Maybe we can come over and eat some of your goodies when we come home this summer!!! Looking forward to it!


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