Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Days 2 & 3: L.A. Eating & Sightseeing Tour

After a wonderful 1st day in L.A. we were excited to wake-up and have even more fun things planned for the weekend! I was so stuffed from the previous day that I desperately needed something healthy for breakfast so while Brian had delicious doughnuts and coffee (from Bob's Doughnuts at the Farmer's Market) I had a wonderful bowl of fruit and water. Perfect!

Griffith observatory. I would love to come back at night. Beautiful view from the top!

Chinese Friendship Gardens at the Huntington Library & Garden in San Marino. These gardens are so large and expansive after a few hours of walking around we were exhausted! It was so beautiful and peaceful there. The desert garden and Chinese gardens were the best of the bunch. Amazing.

We tried a new, small mexican restaurant called El Huarche Azteca. Food was okay, not the best but it did hit the spot! We had a snack a little later, a few slices of pizza, from Mulberry St. Pizza in BH.

The Crescent Hotel is a wonderful, boutique hotel just a few blocks away from Rodeo Drive. Great area's outside to relax with a fireplace outside and inside. Very small rooms, but very comfortable.

We relaxed for a bit after our long day of walking around the gardens and then we were off to dinner, to eat yet again!

Animal Restaurant. A great (fairly new) restaurant on Fairfax. Right by Canter's Deli sat this small, simply decorated restaurant. We actually ran into a few friends who were just finishing their dinner and they had a few dishes to recommend to us. We had to wait a bit for our table and were starving by the time our first appetizer came out. And it was amazing! It was a bbq pork belly sandwich with coleslaw. On a brioche bun, the pork was so tender and a perfect match with the slightly sweet coleslaw.
Next up was the melted petit basque, chorizo, caramelized onion, garlic bread. This tasted a lot better than it smelled. The cheese was very strong but the flavors were great. And the bread was perfect.
The service was a little slow so by the time our entrees arrived we were so full that we couldn't even eat half of them!
We shared the balsamic pork ribs, rocket, currants, pine nuts and flat iron steak, potato, morels, truffle parmesan fondue. I wish I was able to eat everything but we did take them home so we weren't wasting this wonderful food! Unfortunately, we didn't get to try any of their delicious-sounding desserts. And I didn't get any pictures from Animal, too full and tired to think about it!

We skipped breakfast and went straight for lunch. Umami Burger. I will be coming back here as often as I can. The perfect ending to our eating tour. We tried the SoCal Burger-- with oven-dried tomato, spread, house made cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce--and the Triple Pork Burger--ground pork spiced with chorizo & bacon, manchego, pimenton aioli, lettuce. Both were juicy, perfectly cooked and delicious! Their special of the day was chili-cheese fries and they were addicting. They normally offer desserts from Cake Monkey but they didn't have any that day so instead we had a mint-chip macaroon ice cream sandwich. I would go back just for the ice cream sandwich. Divine!

We had a fabulous weekend and to this day I'm still full from all the food!

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