Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Cake Pops

I'm a little late with my Easter post but I couldn't wait to share these with you! I was inspired by Bakerella to make these adorable cake pops. She has such wonderful, unique, adorable ideas for little cakes on a stick. I decided to do a more simple decoration and I ended up loving them! The technique is very easy, though I did add a bit too much frosting to the cake so the texture wasn't the best, but I will definitely try these again! And these are simple enough to make with your kids and they would have so much fun!

I took these to family Easter where everyone said they were adorable and it turned out that the aunts thought they were so cute that they hid them from everyone so they could enjoy these themselves! So funny!

The original cake pop technique and recipe can be found here. I used strawberry cake mix and cream cheese frosting for these pops.

For decorating the pops:

White Candy Melts (from Michael's)
Sanding Sugars (assorted colors from Surfas, 1 lb. for $3.96)
Jimmies (assorted colors from Surfas, 12oz. for $3.55)
Paper Lollipop Sticks (from Michael's)
Styrofoam Block (from Michael's)
Fake Grass (from Michael's)
White Square Container

* Shape the cake balls into an egg shape.
* Melt candy, let cool slightly. Dip in candy coating. Tap lightly to let extra drip off.
* Sprinkle entire egg with sugar or jimmies. Use a bowl sprinkle over.
* Let sit in the styrofoam block until dry.
* Repeat with varying designs and colors.
Once dry, cut styrofoam to fit container. Add grass on top of styrofoam. Insert cake pops into styrofoam and cover stick with grass.

You should definitely try these and check out Bakerella to see all the different shapes, animals and decorations she shows you how to create. Wonderful!


oneordinaryday said...

What a beautiful presentation your cake pops make!
They are so pretty and festive. And your aunts are my kind of people. I would have hidden them too. :)

Sophie said...

How creative & original you are, April!
These pictures look great, eh stunning!

Tracy said...

SO cute!

Anonymous said...

what is your grass made of?

Wendie B said...

I'm stuck on how I shape them like eggs.

Debz said...

Are the cake pops cooked? What the cooking instructions?

Sofie (Taart en Cake) said...

These easter pop cakes look really great. Would it be ok if I write a little post about them, linking back to you?

Anonymous said...

So cute. The kids will love decorating these.

Anonymous said...

Adorable I'm going to try them for my DD for Easter

Anonymous said...

Are these cakes made in an egg pan?

Anonymous said...

A Couple tips.... (I was not successful with these!) Make sure cake is COMPLETELY cool (time to dry out a bit!!
And don't make them too big! Mine came off the sticks! They are in the refrigerator right now trying to chill them to help them stay on sticks! Here's hoping!!!

Erika Monroe-Williams "The Hopeless Housewife" said...

I just found these adorable cake pops on Pinterest! I LOVE them! I'm going to feature them on my Facebook page as "pin of the day" this evening. :)

Unknown said...

Amazing work, April! There is something wonderfully childish about them. Reminds me of decorating easter eggs when I was a kid. :) As it's that time of year, I just had to hat tip your post at my blog: April's Easter Egg Cake Pops! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this recipe.....looks great.

Roxy | Roxy's Kitchen said...

These are so adorable!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the step by step instruction. I can’t cook to save my life but after three times of making this I finally master in cake pops. You are awesome! Everyone at my daughter’s birthday party loves it!!!!

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