Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Has Arrived in My Garden

Happy 1st day of Spring!! I woke on this gray, cloudy, foggy morning to water the flowers, strawberries and lettuce I planted a few weeks ago and found signs of new life and also signs of destruction. The ranuculus and gerbra daisies are growing like crazy so I picked a few to have around the house. Beautiful. I also found little green strawberries peeking out from under the leaves, I can't wait for those! Lettuce is popping up everywhere and looks delicious.

I went to water my already sparse ginko biloba tree--which was just starting to sprout new growth--and found that the squirrels chewed all the lower branches from the tree! Never before have the squirrels destroyed any of my plants but they chose my wonderful ginko and then I saw that they were enjoying my bamboo plant as well! Why don't they enjoy clovers? I could definitely use some help with getting rid of those!

Nikko, among the large clover field

Deciding to inspect the rest of the yard, I walked through the overwhelming field of clovers--another sign of growing by leaps and bounds--to find that my artichoke plant has its first bud! I planted it last year and knew it wouldn't produce until this year and just left it alone and now I'm so excited to see how many artichokes it will give me.

Artichoke flower

I'm getting ready to plant peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and more herbs and look forward to the many months of amazing, fresh foods!

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