Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Raspberry-Filled Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies

The other day I was craving something sweet and found a simple recipe for these delicious cookies. The dough is a simple mixture of butter, flour, cinnamon, sugar and egg. Rolled into balls, then filled with raspberry preserves.

I topped them with powdered sugar and these were the perfect cookie to go with a cup of tea. I have some ideas for some minor modifications...hazelnut flour, chopped pecans, lemon zest. I'm looking forward to the many different variations of this simple cookie. I'm working on some revisions to the recipe and as soon as I have it perfected I'll post the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Will you share the recipe? :)

Anonymous said...

What's the point if there's no recipe!?!!??!

Anonymous said...

Great looking cookie! Recipe please? If you need another cookie to enjoy with your tea, try these scone-like lemon ricotta cookies!

April Boyer Modern Handmade said...

Hi! I'll be more than happy to share the recipe once I have it finalized. I threw these ones together and want to make a few changes before posting the recipe so check back soon!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Those raspberry filled cookies are my moms favorite. she adores anything raspberry really. I'll be back to check out your version. The recipe I've used was one from Land o Lakes.

Very pretty photos, too!


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