Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beverage Review: Elderflower Presse by Belvoir Fruit Farms

I was shopping at Cost Plus and was looking for a bottle of water when I glanced at this pretty bottle. I first tried elderflower soda at Wurstkuche Sausage Restaurant in LA and the flavor was subtle, not too sweet and very refreshing. So when I saw this beautiful bottle of Elderflower Presse by Belvoir Fruit Farms I had to try it. At $3.99 per bottle I probably won't be drinking this every day but its a nice treat!

All products by Belvoir Fruit Farms are made with fresh fruits, spices and no added colors, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners.

The Presse products are actually Cordials mixed with lightly sparkling Belvoir spring water. And since I love sparkling water it makes sense that I would love this! Other flavors of Presse I would love to try: Lime & Lemongrass, Blood Orange & Mandarin

In addition to the Presse, you can find Cordials (need to be diluted with either still or spring water) in a wide range of flavors: Spiced Winter Berries, Gooseberry & Mint, Pear & Apple, Passion Fruit & Mango

The Cordials can be used in many pastries, for mixed drinks and also in savory dishes. I plan to get a few to try out and can imagine a passion fruit and mango sorbet that would be delicious this summer!


Eydie Miskel said...

I was just in London and found this wonderful water! Where can I find it here in Southern California? I went to Cost Plus (World Market) and couldn't find it. Any ideas?

tcaugust said...

Just saw the post about elderflower. I run Fancifull Fine Food and Baskets and we carry it regularly. It is hard to get in Los Angeles, we had to import it directly. But the Belvoir is the best. We are on Melrose in Hollywood.


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