Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fresh from the Freezer and Pantry: Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I have an over abundance of food in my freezer and pantry. Some items in large quantities, some in small. I'm trying to be less wasteful of food so I freeze whatever I can to save for later and that can be wasteful as well--if the food is in the back of the freezer it is forgotten about then disposed of once it is past its prime. So I decided that I am going to use the food I have in my freezer, pantry and refrigerator as my main base for meals and purchase fresh foods or ingredients that are crucial to the meal.

I went through my freezer and did an inventory of the food in there and it ranges from whole chicken, duck fat, andouille sausages, chili, soups, grass-fed beef, smoked duck and goes on and on. The pantry is also stocked full of rice, pasta, canned beans, coconut milk, flavorings and probably a few items that are shoved in the back that I can't get to. The refrigerator is a little better, the basic condiments, seasonings, vegetables, fruit, cheese and meats.

The first meal I made was Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Southern Sally Lunn Bread. All the ingredients were on hand with the exception of a can of crushed tomatoes, so all in all a very affordable meal! I had a 5 1/2 pound pork shoulder roast that I cooked for 3 1/2 hours bathed in a sauce of crushed tomatoes, caramelized onions, pimenton, honey and vinegar. This made quite a lot of pork for two people so I froze half of the pork which I can use later for tacos or more sandwiches. I knew that I would need a good bread to go along with the pork so I made Sally Lunn bread. Sally Lunn bread is the Southern version of Brioche. A sweet bread made with lots of butter and is absolutely delicious!

I've found that the flavor of pulled pork changes drastically based on the sauce that it is served with. Some have more vinegar, some are sweeter, some are more tomato based. And mine was different from all the others I tried, due in most part to the smoked paprika (pimenton) that was used. Very good, but very different flavors than you will find at a BBQ place around Los Angeles.

I wanted to make baked beans and collard greens to go along with this but didn't have those ingredients and wasn't ready to make a trip to the store--next time.

I'm looking forward to the next meal I will make with food from the freezer!



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