Friday, January 30, 2009

Le Palais Gourmet

I've been drinking lots of tea lately, mostly Rooibos "roy-boss" aka red bush tea. Rooibos isn't really a tea, it comes from the Rooibos bush. It has a lot of health benefits, is naturally caffeine-free, less bitter than other teas, and tastes great. But not all Rooibos teas are the same. I've tried tea from many different places and you can tell the places that may try to use an inferior product. But I did find a place where every tea is incredible! Black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea--they are all amazing.

Le Palais Gourmet (formerly Le Palais du Thes--this is still around but in France) is located in Beverly Hills. You can smell every tea and that is the most fun part of the trip. The employees are very helpful and knowledgeable. They offer both loose teas and bagged teas--I prefer the loose tea. The price for the loose tea averages around $14 for 3.5 ounces but it lasts a long time. And if you have the proper container for storage the tea can last for about 1 year.

These are great teas to drink and also to infuse into chocolate truffles, the flavors are so unique and they really pair well with good chocolate panache. I've made truffles with their coconut black tea and the truffles are my moms favorite. I went there recently and tried three different teas and I am addicted!

The first is Cote d'Azur Rooibos. Flavors: Peach, safflower blossoms and marigold petals. This is pleasantly fruity, delicious hot or cold and my husbands favorite.

My absolute favorite is Lemoncello Rooibos. When I first smelled this tea I immediately thought of lemon meringue pie. Flavors: Lemongrass, marigold flowers. I made lemon and pine nut biscotti and that is the perfect pairing for this tea. I drink this at least once a day, sometimes twice!

I also tried Organic Coco De Menthe. Flavors: Green tea, peppermint, chocolate. This is good and is definitely very minty! Very soothing for an upset stomach. I plan to try this with some chocolate truffles, think it would be great.

I just remembered that they gave me a few free samples that I still need to try!

And a few more on my list to try for next time are:
Brioche (black tea): Almonds, cinnamon, safflower blossoms
The des Esprits (black tea): Apple, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla bean
The des Esprits Rouge (rooibos): Apple, cinnamon, rose
Saint Tropez-Green Rooibos Berry: Red currant, blue mallow blossoms, wild berries

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