Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kumquat Fruit Jellies

Kumquats are a small, slightly tart citrus fruit that can be eaten rind and all (minus the seeds). My neighbor brought me a large basket of fresh kumquats the other night. I said I would make a dessert with them and promised to share with her.

I found a recipe for a kumquat and orange brandy which is sitting in the kitchen blending the wonderful flavors of citrus, brandy and cinnamon and will be ready to taste in about 1 week. Looking forward to trying that!

The other recipe I came across was for fruit pate (or jelly). I love gummy candies so thought this would be perfect. Very simple process. Boil the kumquats, puree with skin and seeds. Strain. Mix with a simple syrup and add lots of pectin. Let it sit, cut and toss in sugar. Delicious! I shared with my neighbors and they devoured half the candies while standing in the front yard.

Since I still have a lot of fruits left over I'm going to make a few other dishes--shortbread cookies with candied kumquats, roasted duck with kumquat chutney and kumquat sorbet. Hopefully I'll find a few more people who love kumquat's so I can share!


Sophie said...

MMMMMM...Kumquats, I love it!! beautiful pictures too, as always!!

Sophie said...

But where is the recipe?? I really want to make it!! to try anayway?


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