Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Few Favorite Cookbooks

I love cookbooks. I did a count awhile ago and have around 150 cookbooks and there are 5 pages on my Amazon.com wish list with even more! I love reading them, and re-reading them, imagining what the recipes will taste like and I get so excited when I get a new one. The problem is I have so many that I can't figure out which ones to cook out of first! I think about going through 1 book per month but then get another book and want to use that one. Then I go to the Library and find even more wonderful books! It's a problem but I love them and someday I'll be able to cook out of all of them!

Here are a few cookbooks that are fairly new and they are beautiful and have incredible (sounding) recipes:
Blue Eggs and Yellow Tomatoes: Recipes from a Modern Kitchen Garden

This cookbook is one that has something that sounds incredible on every page, the recipes are easy, simple yet incredibly flavorful. Soups, sandwiches, roasts, desserts--they are all wonderful. In addition to recipes, the author talks about how to grow a vegetable garden and raise backyard chickens--I have the garden, but I'm not ready to commit to the chickens yet :)

Happy in the Kitchen: The Craft of Cooking, The Art of Eating

Happy in the Kitchen makes me happy. I have only made 1 recipe from this book--vanilla bean and chocolate ganache macaroons--but I aspire to make so many others. The recipes are long, some are very complicated, but they sound amazing! Michel takes basic recipes but creates something unique, with a twist. Chicken faux gras, potato spuddies (aka homemade tater tots!), kit kat dessert, the list goes on and on. dineLA is taking place this week and next and I am so excited to have a 3-course dinner at Michel's restaurant Citrus at Social next week. I can't wait to taste his incredible food!

Making Artisan Chocolates

Once I found out how easy it is to make truffles at home, I've been saving quite a lot of money. And this cookbook will improve my truffle making abilities even more. I read this cover to cover one evening and I can't wait to try these new techniques.

I hope to keep adding to my collection and that I make an effort to cook more out of these wonderful books, instead of just leaving them on my coffee table!

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