Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gluten-Free Flavors of the Subcontinent

A client of mine has Celiac disease and can't tolerate any gluten or dairy in her diet. I'm catering her birthday party this weekend and came up with a wonderful menu of her favorite foods that are both gluten and dairy-free. As with all gluten-free items it's necessary to try the recipes to make sure the flavor is just as good as the original because sometimes the gluten-free flours have a weird flavor. So I tried everything and it all tastes great!

Most of these recipes are from a wonderful cookbook, Mangoes and Curry Leaves by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid. Every recipe from this cookbook is incredible and they are always a hit. This book is a great coffee table book and the pictures are amazing. I made a few modifications to the recipes and ended up with very flavorful food.

The Lamb & Potato Samosas were encased in a fennel-flecked dough and served with a Cilantro Chutney. Garbanzo Bean Flour and Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour were combined with flour to make the Chapati. The Akki Rotti (recipe here) was brimming with spices and herbs. Karnata Chana (Chickpea Dal) had a good flavor.

The Lamb Slipper Kebabs were flavored with cilantro, ginger, chile's, tomato, onion, and garam masala. Incredible!

I know that she is going to enjoy everything and it makes me happy knowing I can prepare her favorite foods without worry of getting sick!

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