Monday, April 2, 2007

Laurel's Heirloom Tomatoes

I love the look of heirloom tomatoes. The odd-shapes, unique colors, a variety of types and tastes are what draw me to them. The prices for these in the grocery store can be quite expensive and are a little better at farmers markets. But for those who want to try their hand at growing them, keep reading!

A friend recently told me about a local grower of heirloom tomatoes and since I am starting my vegetable & herb garden this year, I had to check it out. Laurel from Laurel's Heirloom Tomato Plants offers 150 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, from small cherry tomato varieties to the huge beefsteaks. Her website lists each tomato along with a picture and a description and lots of good notes on each variety. This past weekend she had a plant sale where I picked up the green zebra and san manzano plants. I can't wait to pot them and see the beautiful fruits! She ships the plants from Gardena, with a minimum order of 1 plant, and she has tons of tips on her site for first time tomato gardeners (like me!). If you live close enough, you can also pick up your order at the nursery.

Most of the 4" plants are $4.50 and some very unique varieties are a little more. She also offers some pepper and basil plants as well.

I'll keep you updated on my tomato plant progress as the season goes on!


Malc Ross said...

You learn something every dfay.

Unknown said...

While I was intrigued by Laurel's offerings (and Cedar Knoll Farm was unfortunately not doing business this year due to a health isssue), and they had my favorite plant of last year (Aunt Ruby's German Green), there is no way I could recommend them as a mail order source. Although the plants arrived and were healthy and in good shape, the shipping prices were ridiculous and they made mistakes in what they sent. When I tried to have it corrected, I was told they would do so if I paid the cost of shipping. When I balked at that, they said they would just prefer to credit me the cost of 1 (but not both) of the two plants that were wrong, not including the five dollars per plant shipping cost I paid. When I balked at that, they said they would send me the two plants free of charge if I returned the other two plants via mail, which is patently ridiculous. Net net, I had two pay FIFTEEEN dollars in shipping for them to send the corrective TWO plants. That's just outrageous.

Jack Favell said...

I find it hard to believe that Laurel would have been unfair to anyone. I have dealt with her for three years.I have gotten amazing plants from all the way across country very reasonably. She has taken my order herself, and has always been more friendly and personable than any other nursery owner I know.


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