Sunday, March 18, 2007


In my travels to Europe, New York and San Francisco, I realized that I love to walk to local places for a cup of coffee or for some food. Unfortunately in my suburban neighborhood in Long Beach, there aren't that many good places that are in walking distance. So when they were building a new modern looking structure close to my house, I was hoping that it wouldn't be another cell phone store but something food related. I was out walking and noticed that they finally had signs up to promote what would be moving into one of the spaces and that is how I found out it would be Famima!!

I didn't know exactly what Famima!! was so I went to their website to find out. It is a chain of stores that began in 2004 and are located in Los Angeles. They describe themselves as a "Convenience Store", "Premium Grocery" and "Quick Service Restaurant". In describing the store to a friend, I realized that it could be described as a gourmet Asian-fusion convenience store. The kind of place that you can make a quick stop at if you need something fast to eat, a snack, a loaf of bread or some milk. The difference between Famima!! and other convenience stores is that Famima!! offers good-quality sushi, specialty teas, gourmet chocolate, pocky and many, many more unique items.

With deli choices, magazines, stationery, snacks and beverages, this is a wonderful store that you really must visit. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or a fresh grilled panini, sit at the round tables and enjoy the clean, bright atmosphere. Stop by sometime to check it out--and it is open late for those of you craving some sushi at 11:00pm. A question that I still have yet to be answered, why the two exclamation points after Famima?? I hope to find out soon.

Locations in Long Beach:

Los Coyotes Diagonal
Open 7 days/week

2nd Street COMING SOON

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