Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ventura Chocolate Festival: Part II

After much anticipation, my friend and I finally were going to the chocolate festival! We were very excited to check things out and get to sample all the wonderful chocolate. I am sorry to say that it was extremely disappointing, to say the least. For a chocolate festival, there wasn't very much chocolate at all. There were more craft booths than chocolate booths. After spending an hour walking the halls (twice) we did come across one good booth, Diva Chocolates, that offered chocolate flavored beef jerky and cocoa steak/rib rubs. It was pretty good jerky and I will be trying the rub on some steaks! Maybe after a few years they will draw more of a crowd for chocolate but until then I won't be travelling to Ventura for the chocolate festival.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the camel and zebra! Not much to say there but it was fun to see some animals...

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