Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Favorite Food Podcasts

I recently started listening to a few wonderful food podcasts driving to and from work during the week and they have made me look forward to driving! I had to weed through a few pretty poorly executed podcasts and luckily found some real gems. Here are my top 4:

Bon Appetit: This is a weekly podcast that focuses on a different section of the current Bon Appetit issue that is on newsstands. Always informative and with wonderful guests speaking this is one that I wished aired more than once a week. The show normally runs under 30 minutes. They also have a great blog that you should check out.

Eat Feed: Based in Chicago, Anne Bramley discusses a wide variety of subjects on Eat Feed. The show is divided up by category. The main categories are Amouse Bouche, The Tastes of the Month, The Latest News from the Food World, Cookbook Reviews. My favorite is the Amouse Bouche. In this she will cover the history of a term, a new food or just give background on something that you know little about. The times of each show vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour. This podcast was listed as #64 on Saveur Magazines Top 100 favorite foods, restaurants, drinks, people, places and things (February 2007 issue). And it is definitely in my top 2!

KCRW's Good Food: A local radio show on KCRW in L.A. is Good Food. If you are like me and are not normally in your car on Saturday mornings to hear the radio show then you too should download the podcast. It starts off with a live market report telling what is in season at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Then there are a range of things discussed, normally new restaurants or new foods, and there is usually a prevailing theme surrounding the show. It is a great podcast and was also in the Saveur Magazines Top 100 as #81. The show is normally 1 hour in length so it is perfect for a longer run, bike ride or drive! Oh yeah, and they also have a video podcast.

Jamie's Podcast: Jamie Oliver hosts a very entertaining and lively show from London. I have been a fan of his because the way that he cooks is just so simple, yet so wonderful. The programming isn't set for weekly, monthly, etc. but when you do come across a show you will have a lot of fun listening. Awhile back there was a two-part series on Italy and it inspired me to try to make more Italian food. And just last week there was a Valentine's show that was on the simple foods you can prepare and taste delicious. The shows are normally 1 hour. Definitely should check this one out!

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